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Do you dream of clear blue skies, sunshine and long white beaches? You will surely fall in love with the Costa Blanca region in southern Spain.

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Hello, I would like to thank Mrs. Yvette Westrum and Mr. Jindrich Dolezel for their excellent work in helping us find our dream property in the south of Spain, in the Torrevieja area. We greatly appreciated their local knowledge, the price ranges of the different properties in the area, as well as the possibilities of active enjoyment of the beautiful beaches here. Upon our arrival at the airport, they provided us with a perfect service according to our wishes (car transfer to the area, accommodation according to our price request including pre-arranged visits to our selected properties). This saved us a lot of time and considerable money. When we bought our apartment, they helped us negotiate all the terms with the real estate agent, including arranging for the water and electricity supply to the local utility companies. We are glad that we also found buying property in Spain to be an enjoyable time. Thank you Mrs. Yvette and Mr. Jindra. We wish you many satisfied customers, just as we have been with you all the time.
by Jiří V.
Yvette and Jindrich are amazing. They will advise and help you with everything 😊. They have a wide portfolio of properties that everyone can choose from. All appointments with this lovely couple are action packed, meaningful and will help you to make the top real estate choice for your home or investment. They provide all legal and real estate services in English. The communication is perfect, the helpfulness is endless, I wholeheartedly recommend Yvette and Jindrich Dolezel.
by Dáda & Joža Frencls
Yvette and Jindra are very nice, friendly and professional. The big advantage is their knowledge of the environment and the local market. I definitely recommend buying a property through them and I was satisfied with their services. They helped me to find a cozy apartment 350 m from the beach in the beautiful town of Guardamar del Segura. A dream came true.
by Radka N.
With the real estate agency Reality Costa Blanca we have a very good experience. We came to Spain without knowing the location, but during the three days of our journey, Yvette helped us find our way. Thanks to the fact that she can listen to person and thanks to her empathy she knows what she can offer to the client. We did not waste time looking at countless houses, but we visited mainly those that might interest us. Moreover she not only helped us with the selection but also accompanied us when signing a contract with the local real estate agency. For those who are thinking of buying a property, I highly recommend a real estate agency Reality Costa Blanca.
by Beáta P.
Meeting with the real estate agents Yvette and Jindra was an incredible experience for us and most importantly we were and sometimes still are like in another world because we did not buy our first property and we know that in previous cases the real estate agent's service ended with the sale of the property and it was very difficult to ask for something ex post. However, for Yvette and Jindra it doesn't end with the sale, they are always interested, helping, making sure that we have all the paperwork done, that the Villa is ready to rent, that everything works as it should, just incredible care. From the first online communication to provide us with general information about the possibilities of buying a property in Spain, we knew that these real estate agents do their job with heart and that they really care about a quality transaction. Right after the first consultation, we arranged to see several properties in Spain in person and about 14 days later, my brother-in-law and I left for Alicante for 2 nights by air😊 Yvette and Jindra were waiting for us in their private car at the airport and our journey through Spain began. They had several tours arranged for us at various places of interest, took us for our first Spanish beer, a delicious late lunch at 525 street and drove us to a hotel in Los Alcázares where we were also very interested in a property which we ended up buying as a family villa. Even over a late lunch while discussing with these wonderful people, we knew we were definitely going to buy something in Spain and we started to act. My sister-in-law had to fly overnight as we needed to take care of a lot of legal tasks and other steps. Yvette and Jindra arranged everything and arranged a travel plan for the next day, picked us up at the hotel early in the morning, drove to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law, we went to see Villa Venus together once more, which also due to its location about 400 m from the sea interested us the most and we said YES very quickly. Right after that we went to the notary, where all the necessary matters were taken care of - power of attorney, etc...., then we went to the developer to sign the reservation contract, we also met with the lady dealing with the rental property and keyholding, with Esterka, who translates everything for us, lends us a car and takes care of the taxes, all this was arranged and arranged for us by Yvette and Jindra. We finished our day with a delicious dinner at 525, a long walk on the beach with a tasting of excellent Spanish red wine and an early morning drive to the airport. We left with a really heavy heart. Today they are our true friends and we really appreciate their care for us and our villa and especially we are looking forward to seeing them again😊
by Anna Slámová
Member of the Board of Directors, ZFP akademie, a.s., Břeclav

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